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The Intellectual magazine was established on the premise that education of good quality is the most important resource any country needs to realize its full potential. It believes that most of the economic and security challenges confronting Nigeria and other African countries today could be traced to the poor state of their respective education spheres.

Thus, the magazine’s primary motive is to continually draw attention to critical education sector issues and encourage healthy debate among stakeholders, primarily within Nigeria, and also in other African countries, with the aim of finding sustainable solutions.

The Intellectual is committed to encouraging governments at all levels to make adequate budgetary allocations to the sector and to hold those saddled with the responsibility of managing such allocated resources accountable, in the public interest, through the finest brand of professional journalism.

The magazine has no political affiliation, but firmly believes in genuine democracy as a vehicle through which good governance, the rule of law and fundamental human rights could be engendered.

“To collaborate with all men and women of goodwill,
towards sustained efforts to liberate the human
mind from ignorance, poverty, hopelessness, and all
forms of retrogression, through education, and the
finest brand of professional journalism.”


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